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Saturday 21st September - Colour & Style Event

Posted by Jane D on

Colour Me Beautiful top consultant Sarah Ventris for a relaxed, sociable, evening where you will gain insight into how to dress in a way that flatters your colouring, shape, scale and proportions in a friendly, supportive environment.

You will learn the basics of :

What your dominant colour characteristic is and how its determined.
How to wear colour.
What glasses will suit which face shape.
Why wearing the wrong colour cosmetics will destroy your look and how to get it right.
Your style personality.
Your body shape – size doesn’t matter shape does.
What scale and proportions are all about and why they are important.
Which patterns work well for which body shape.
The impact of fabric on body shapes.

Volunteers can try a lipstick designed to work in harmony and balance with their colouring too. Discount vouchers available for all attendees.

Join the fun!

Refreshments and free goodie bags for everyone.


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