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Perfect Vision, is celebrating a new appointment. Lyn Price has now joined us. Lyn has over 25 years of experience and specializes in Child Behavioral Optometry, Binocular Vision and Sports Vision.  Lyn will also be able to test babies from the age of 6 months.

What's new in Store! Come in and see our new season collection from designer brands Ralph Lauren Polo and the fabulous ladies range Michael Kors.

With the success of the Guess and Sketchers sunglass range last year, we are continuing this fantastic selection for just £69 and £99 including single vision lenses. Have a look on our website!

 Give their confidence a boost. If you've recently learnt that your child or grandchild is struggling at school, our School Behavioral Assessment could help to improve their school and their confidence.

Studies show the two eyes work together when performing tasks such as reading. Following assessment, those children that could benefit further are prescribed spectacles with a colour tint and or Vision Therapy to give them comfortable, stable vision.

Once the assessment and treatment are complete, the patient should enjoy better performance at school, increased confidence, reduced tiredness and reduced anxiety.  This therapy can be just as beneficial to adults as it can be to children, and it can also be part of the rehabilitation program for patients that have suffered a stroke or head injury.

 Did you know..?

We have a Digital Retinal Camera, a high tech piece of kit that enables us to monitor changes in the eye caused by conditions including glaucoma, diabetes and high blood pressure.

 Do you suffer from dry, gritty, watery eyes?  Many people suffer from Dry Eye symptoms, varying from mild irritation to constant discomfort. Dry eye symptoms can also present as overly watery eyes!

We now offer a great selection of dry eye products. We can recommend a combination of warm eye compresses and eye drops that can relieve your symptoms. If you don't like using eye drops we can also offer iLast Care cream and a new dry eye supplement.

Call us for an appointment.

 Super supplements for AMD sufferers.  If you have just been diagnosed or suffer from AMD, we now stock MacuShield supplements, plus these can be delivered directly to your home for as little as £11.25 a month with free delivery. Research has shown that this supplement can enrich an individual’s protective macular pigment.

 New Low Vision Clinic.  We are now launching a Low Vision Clinic at Perfect Vision. We will be part of a funded vision scheme and as well as this we can also offer a comprehensive private low vision service with the latest Low Vision aids.

We will undertake an eye examination to assess your level of vision and the health of your eyes.

Opening Hours

Tues – Thurs: 9.30am – 5.30pm Fri: 9am – 4pm Sat: 9am – 1pm

 Call us on 01702 232222

100 Ferry Road, Hullbridge. SS5 6EX


 Remember: we offer a price match guarantee.

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