Staff Frame Choice of Week 23rd April - 28th April

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Staff Frame Choice

Each week one of the staff will choose two frames, 
An everyday frame and something a bit different or out of their comfort zone frame.

For one week only. These two frame will be on special offer, if you choose to buy any one of them. You will receive a bottle of Prosecco

This week it is Leanne's Choice











Leanne's first choice for 'Everyday Frame

' cocoa mint CM9047


   Cocoa Mint CM9047 Our price £101.00
















Cocoa Mint is utterly desirable with a choice of stunning designs that are beautifully balanced and pure in style. Cocoa Mint cleverly bridges the gap between the young trendsetter and fashionable progressive lens wearer.


Leanne's second choice

'Something a Bit Different Frame.'


Ronit Furst 4708 S2 50/22 

Looking for a truly unique look? 

The 4708 is a Large, Acetate over Metal structure frame, Great for both ophthalmic and sunglasses use. Here featuring our 01 Bold red transparent front accentuated with opaque ochre edges, and opaque turquoise bridge band embellished with fine lines and micro dot details. 

Our price £195.00








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