Aspheric magnifiers (folding) - combi plus

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Mobilux LED
  • Batteries are easy to change as the battery cover is easy to open and contract springs clearly indicate the battery position.
  • improved comfort due to eyelet for lanyard.
  • the most suitable colour temperature can be preselected via the 2 attachable filters supplied.
  • the Led light does not require changing.
  • the LED light used by eschenbach Optik has a service life of approx. 50,000 hours.
  • the battery life is up to 10x longer in comparison to a conventional light.
  • the voltage is controlled via a step-up converter, which produces consistent illumination even if the voltage drops due to low battery.
  • bright, even illumination provided by SMD LED and collimation optics.
  • defined focusing distance: in the case of all aspheric magnifiers and reasing magnifiers from eschenbach optik the focusing distance (aE: distance from the eye to the virtual image) is precisely 400mm. the image can therefore be seen clearly with readers which have an addition of +2.5 dpt.