Special investigation of Visual Assessment Price List


Special Investigation of Vision & School Vision Assessment Price



Initial Consultation Assessment Incl Report & copy



Private Eye Test          



Review Visual Assessment  (following treatment) Report / letter not included (every 2-3 months)

£25.00 Included
Additional typed letter/reports by optometrist £45.00 Included
Vision Therapy Visit eyer 2-4 weeks for 6 months £25.00 Included
Premium Overlay and Colorimetry
Initial Colour Overlay Assessment £25.00 Included

A4 Overlays <2 each      



Additional A4 Overlays >2 each



Colorimetry Assessment for Tinted Lenses £45.00 £25.00

Colorimetry Precision Tint 

Lenses From





Frames From:



Vision Therapy plan - minimum 6 months £60.00
Eyeplan continued after Vision Therapy visit £10.00

Eyeplan includes: Inclusive eye care, Accidental Damage Cover for your spectacles.

The value of the NHS voucher will contribute towards glasses

Professional Fees for the School Vision, Vision Therapy, and Behavioural Optometric care are NOT covered by the NHS 

More than 24 hours' notice: No Cancellation Fee

On the day of the appointment: 50% of Fee

Failing to arrive: 100% Fee