Precision Tinted Lenses

      Visual Stress Lenses

Did you know that you can also have a pair of spectacles tinted to a much more specific colour? 

Whilst coloured overlays are a useful tool they may not offer the best long-term solution. The range of colours is limited, compared with the thousands of colour combinations available from the Intuitive Colorimeter.

Specific coloured lenses are more suitable for copying from the board or from another book.  The colour of the lenses is usually different from the colour you have chosen as an overlay.

In many cases the lenses help achieve greater improvements and benefits but can also be essential for those who are particularly light sensitive in terms of offering greater comfort from glare and preventing headaches.

Perfect Vision can offer Intuitive Colorimetry assessments and will provide the optimum precision tinted lenses together with any refractive prescription where required.

Colour Overlays and Colorimetry Assessment Price List

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"I have not been able to walk through Lakeside Shopping Centre without feeling sick and having a migraine. With my new tinted lenses I can go shopping without being ill."