Perfect Vision – Seeing clearly

Eye care for everybody.

At Perfect Vision, keeping your eyes in tip top condition is so important to you everyday life. Our personalised, friendly service extends to a range of specialist services aimed to keep your eyesight clear and healthy.

We do not only test your eyes for glasses but a highly qualified optometrist will complete a thorough clinic examination to rule out any medical condition which may need special referral now or in the future.

In our practice we know everyone’s eyesight is different so we tailor the eye examination and our services to your individual circumstances, making sure that your professional services eye care is based on a professional evaluation of your visual requirement.

Services offered:

Children's eye examination,

Teen’s eye examination

Adult eye examination

Senior Citizens eye examination

Home Visit eye examination

We will provide tailored eye care solution for:

VDU examination

Diabetic Screening

Glaucoma Screening

Visual Field Screening

DVLA  Esterman test

Emergency Red/sore eye

Contact lens fitting & supply

Contact lenses aftercare

Dyslexia, School Vision, Colour overlay and Colorimetry