Eyeplan Prices


Save money with Eyeplan and receive these benefits.

EyeplanTM and Contact Lenses

Being an EyeplanTM member gives many health and cost benefits to you as a contact lenses wearer.

Our basic ‘fees only’ £10.00 per month membership plan provides you with the following benefits.

Benefits of EyeplanTM

  • Free comprehensive eye examinations (Normally £35.00)
  • Free contact lens aftercare (Normally £45.00)

Spectacle Benefits

  • Significant reductions on spectacle frame and lens prices
  • Accidental spectacle damage cover

Contact Lens Benefits

  • Large price reductions on contact lenses
  • Contact lens solutions at reduced prices
  • NB This basic ‘fees only’ scheme does not include contact lenses or solutions

Being an EyeplanTM member can therefore benefit you with great savings in eye care and your contact lens products.

In addition, we provide a competitively priced comprehensive EyeplanTM scheme, which gives all the benefits of the basic fees only scheme, as well as all contact lenses and solutions provided. The monthly fee for this scheme is dependent upon your lens brand.

For more information, please see the EyeplanTM page or ask in store for full details.

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