Price list

Perfect Vision Optometry and Vision Therapy



Fees with Eyeplan Membership £

Private eye examination - a comprehensive examination lasting between 30-40 minutes 




    Initial Consultation Visual Assessment (incl. Report and copy)  £120.00


    Review Visual Assessment (following treatment) Report/letter not included (every 2-3 months) £100.00


    Additional typed letter/reports by optometrist £45.00


    Vision Therapy Visit every 2-4 weeks for 6 months £30.00 included
    Pattern Glare Test £10.00 included

    Initial Colour Overlay Assessment



    A4 Overlays < 2 each £10.00 £8.00
    Additional A4 Overlays > 2 each £8.00 £5.00
    Colorimetry Assessment for Tinted Lenses £45.00 £25.00
    Follow up Vision Assessment every 3 - 6 months £25.00 included
    Cerium Precision Tints from: (lenses extra) £75.00 £55.00

    Frames from:

    Lenses from





    Vision Therapy visit ever 2-4 weeks £25.00 included
    Vision Therapy plan - minimum 6 months £60.00
    Eyeplan continued after Vision Therapy visits £10.00

    Civil aviation examination and form fill



      Colour vision (police testing and report)


      Emergency appointments

      from 20.00


      Follow up appointments e.g. visual fields, pressures and other tests as necessary

      Price on quotation

      Price on quotation

      Contact lens evaluation onlyto assess suitability for contact lenses; initial fitting of lenses; teach and one follow up appointment. Prescriptions are only given once the contact lens optician is satisfied with the fit, lens tolerance and handling of the lenses.

      from £45.00


      Contact lens aftercare- all new contact lens fits require a follow up appointment after six months of wear.

      from 35.00


      EyePlan includes: inclusive eye care, Accidental Damage Cover for you spectacles. The value of the NHS voucher will contribute towards glasses.

      Behavioural Optometry services are not currently available under the National Health Service as they fall outside the terms of service for our contract with the NHS.

      The Visual Assessment and Vision Therapy fees are based on professional time, this is a per hour rate calculated by breaking down all our costs. In addition to actual treatment time, it includes the time necessary to individually tailor a programme for each patient with the in-practice and home procedures that will be most effective.

      Cancellation fees will apply:

      More than 24 hours notice:   No Cancellation Fee

      On the day of the appointment: 50% of FEE

      Failing to arrive: 100% of FEE