School Vision & Vision Therapy

School Vision & Vision Therapy

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Harmony for our children eyes

School Vision looks at the ability for the child to read to their full potential at school and is an obvious and important skill. When we read our eyes need to work together in “binocular harmony” and focus at a much shorter working distance. By stabilising both eyes we are able process and hold the information we read. School Vision Assessment is not covered under the NHS eye test.

If there is binocular “disharmony” between the eyes or problems in establishing eye dominance the visual processing breaks down and confusion occurs. The following symptoms may be present.

  • Words jumbling or moving
  • Missing words
  • Problems tracking across a sentence
  • Poor attention
  • Eye strain, to name but a few.

School Vision and Sport Vision has been strongly linked. Research demonstrates a strong correlation between the eye muscles, hand eye co-ordination and academic performance. Coloured filters and test using specialist reading charts and diagnostic equipment have been proven to drastically help the dyslexic or dyspraxic child or even those that are finding reading and school work challenging.

School vision works with children or adults who may be finding reading or occupational work difficult. The school vision assessment re-establishes stable binocular vision, reinforces eye dominance and aims to improve all aspects of learning.

Perfect Vision is proud to be the first Opticians in the Essex to offer a School Vision Assessment. Following the assessment, spectacles may be prescribed. Follow-up progress checks are also recommended, as part of the management plan to address the area of concern.

Once the assessment and treatment are complete the patient should enjoy:
  • Increased performance at school
  • Greater self confidence
  • Reduced tiredness
  • Reduced anxiety
For more information on a school vision assessment and Karen Shadbolt finds with the link between Hearing Impairment and dyslexia please email or call Karen at Perfect Vision.

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I just want to say that it was lovely to hear that as a result of your visit here, one of our children attended your opticians and not only has glasses, but a referral to the Hospital.