Zeiss Office lenses half price

Struggling looking at your computer with your reading lenses or Varifocals?

ZEISS Office Lens 

See more at the workplace

The ZEISS office lens portfolio with Maximum Intermediate Distance (M.I.D.) technology. People spend a lot of their time in enclosed areas such as when they work in an office or are doing things at home. For these everyday very near to intermediate situations not every lens allows relaxed and clear vision. Unsuitable lenses can constrain our vision and can cause symptoms such as tired eyes, eyestrain, headaches, neck and back pain.



Office lens by ZEISS Half price for February and March 2014

Lenses Start from £54.00

Three working areas in clear view 

Office Lenses  

The office lenses by ZEISS

The custom-made solution gives wearers crisp, clear vision of the three working area distances, according to the individual wearer needs:
1. reading
2. workplace
3. room distance

Effects on posture

  • Wearers hold their head and neck in a natural posture
  • Complete comfort all day long

The benefits for the wearer
  • Clear visual acuity for near to intermediate distance vision with wide vision zones
  • Relaxed and natural vision in the office and for any activities at near and mid-range
  • Comfortable head and body posture
  • Adapted to personal visual distance from the near to intermediate range

Struggling looking at your computer with your reading lenses?

Reading Lenses

Reading lenses:
The lens provides a clear field of vision for objects within a close distance.

Effects on posture:

  • Wearers lean in towards objects to bring them into focus
  • Results in unnecessary strain on the neck and back

The intermediate or reading area is never in right place for your computer or laptop?

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses:

The mid-distance viewing zone provides a limited field of clear vision.

Effects on posture

  • Wearers lift their head to use the intermediate lens areas
  • Results in strained neck and shoulder muscles

Lenses start from £54